West Oxfordshire Music
Wind Groups (WOW, WOL, WOC & WOCI)
plus Freeland Orchestra

West Oxfordshire Winds is for wind players of all ages,  from Grade 4 to Grade 8+ standard.

West Oxfordshire Learners is for players of all ages from those able to play 5 notes to Grade 4 standard. 

West Oxfordshire Clarinets is an advanced group for clarinettists of Grade 7 and above.

West Oxfordshire Clarinets - Intermediate is for clarinettists Grade 4 to 6.

Freeland Orchestra's purpose is to provide an opportunity for adult musicians to make music together in a friendly environment.

Wendy Marks is the conductor for all the West Oxfordshire Music groups.

She is also a very experienced oboist and a highly regarded woodwind teacher who has occasional vacancies for students.